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TrendWatch: Fall 2022 at Grand Home Furnishings

TrendWatch: Fall 2022 at Grand Home Furnishings

What’s trendy in furniture this fall? What’s the thing to make your room tick? The holidays are here, end-of-year styles are back and evolving, and it’s up to you to keep up with all the changes.


Fortunately, Grand Home Furnishings makes it easy. We boast a huge selection of in-stock inventory ready for pickup or delivery. Living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, home offices, and more — it’s all up-to-snuff and ready to help your home pop throughout the holiday season.


To help you make the best decisions possible, we visit the High Point Market twice every year to witness new rollouts from manufacturers and then purchase their new lines. The High Point Market is known best in the furniture industry as the place where all the latest and greatest styles are introduced. By using High Point’s premiere trend program, TrendWatch, we’re happy to show you examples of all the latest trends to watch for this fall!

Trend #1: Modernity

accent tables

Pastels continue to prove their power, versatility, charm, and appeal in home furnishings, especially in their latest expression: go-to hues for confident, playful interiors.


Soft or saturated, and spanning a range from pink and purples to blues and greens, pastels in TrendWatch’s “modernity” are luminous and iridescent, and as energetic as an emerging artist earning influence on a social network.


  • Our Bedford cocktail table is a perfect example of the modern, trendy look seen in newer homes. It’s classy, it’s elegant, and, most of all, it’s simple. The neutral colors work well with almost any pattern while evoking a sense of energy unseen in other rustic pieces.


  • This two-piece accent table set is both stylish and radiant. The brass presents a confident hue that works well with a range of different colors, while the three-legged black stand offers that sense of modernity everyone’s looking for.


  • Need to brighten up your home? Try this Hathaway accent chair, flush with fun, playful colors that strike visitors as confident and radiant. Plus, it’s extremely comfortable!


Trend #2: Midnight


What happens when we’re challenged? We draw from multiple sources for understanding. We analyze data. We create a “new” — it’s what is needed during this unique moment in history.


Designers, meanwhile, are time-tested masters of such methods. TrendWatch celebrates their ingenuity and invention in “synthesis,” a captivating mix of textures, finishes, and genres. Surface treatments and unique finishes, plus confident sampling from many styles, create dynamic, inviting atmospheres.

  • Lamps bring rooms together, and sometimes, doing so as an accent piece in the background is best. This Dominici table lamp is just the thing to set your space apart. Look at the different textures present. They’re dynamic, and they work because the midnight color doesn’t make it feel too eccentric.


  • Gold and midnight work well together under the right circumstances — like with this Gigi black marble table. The marble top is as modern as it gets, as is the swirling stand upon which it sits. This piece belongs in a New York City loft, boasting elegance and beauty all at once.


  • Want to see something cool? Check out this Elixer black ottoman. The base is ornate, and intricate, and again, it’s not too much because of the chosen midnight color. This could fit in almost any room — modern, antique, or something in the middle. It just works, simple as that.

Trend #3: Entwine

Leather Chair 

TrendWatch rounds out 2022 with an homage to casual comfort, quiet moments, and favorite spaces. Woven natural materials; biophilic design concepts; and comforting textiles come together to deliver the feel-goods, clarity, and purpose that consumers seek.


  • This Hedy beige pouf is the perfect example of an entwine pattern that belongs in your home. It’s comforting, expertly woven, and just looks homey.


  • Rugs always bring rooms together. Some like simple, some like intricate, but what if you could have both? With this Karalee 5’ X 7’ rug, the best of both worlds is at the palm of your… foot? The colors are simple and neutral, but the design is anything but. It’s not so overwhelming to turn off your visitors, but still provides a sort of mesmerizing experience the first time you see it.


  • Looking for leather? A new accent chair. Look no further — this Sidewinder piece is perfect for any office. The base is casual, yet ornate. The leather is comfortable, yet intentional. The color is modern, yet old-fashioned. In short, it’s perfect.


Grand Home Furnishings: Your Source for All the Latest Trends


It’s a trendy time of year, and while some styles are shifting from what worked last year, others remain steadfast. Whether you’re looking to entirely re-furnish a room or simply add accents to keep up with the times, Grand Home Furnishings is here to help.


Shop in-store or shop online, but before making any final decisions, keep the latest trends we’re seeing in furniture in mind. Consider hopping on the bandwagon before it’s too late!


For more information on what Grand Home Furnishings offers compared to other furniture and mattress shops, visit us in-store at one of our 17 locations in Virginia (Bristol, Charlottesville, Christiansburg, Harrisonburg, Lynchburg, Roanoke - Tanglewood & Valley View, Waynesboro, Wise, Winchester), West Virginia (Beckley, Lewisburg, Martinsburg, Princeton), and Tennessee (Johnson City, Kingsport), or shop with us online at https://www.grandhf.com/.

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