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Abdalah 5' x7' Rug

Abdalah is the ultimate shag rug. The thick pile construction provide exceptional comfort. Braided tassel edges and the variegated gate pattern are unique and designed to give your room a stylish upgrade.
MSRP $249.95

Arturro 5' x 8' Rug

The Arturro is a chic collection. Consists of a combination of soft, thick yarn and shiny accent yarn. It is the ultimate comfortable and fashionable addition to your favorite room. The multi color features shades of blue, burnt orange, and neutral shades.
MSRP $524.00

Faelyn Medium Rug

Add some pattern to your room with the Faelyn rug. This gray color rug features circles all throughout. The creams, beiges, and browns allow this rug to match with virtually any decor.
MSRP $399.95

Gizela Medium Rug

This shag rug is just what your room has been missing! Plush pile fabric is featured in ivory, beige, and shades of gray. The neutral color scheme will fit into virtually any decor.
MSRP $199.95

Holdner 5' x 7' Rug

This handwoven rug in black and taupe will add an energetic feel to your favorite room. Soft hues and comfortable pile welcome visitors with a tribal design.
MSRP $349.95

Oladon Large Rug

Plaid is in right now and so is the Oladon rug! This super soft area rug is soft and fringed for style. The white surface features gray and black plaid stripes throughout.
MSRP $599.95

Precia 5' x 7' Rug

This traditional medallion accent rug will give your room the update it needs. The neutral palette provides a calming effect. Plush pile construction makes it very soft to the touch.
MSRP $499.95

Wadyka Large Area Rug

Simplicity creates attention with the Wadyka rug. The abstract design features cream, black, and shades of gray to add texture to your living space. The soft underfoot is durable enough to withstand different areas throughout your home.
MSRP $699.95

Wittson 5' x 7' Rug

Add some fun design to your living area with the Wittson rug. The contemporary design features shades of gray and beige throughout. The color scheme is neutral but the design adds character.
MSRP $249.95

Antigua Linen 5' x 8' Rug

The Antigua collection will add a modern and distressed feel to your room. The Linen rug combines shades of beige with some blue throughout. Features a diamond shape in the middle with a rope-style border around it.
MSRP $436.00

Antigua Mocha 5' x 8' Rug

The Antigua collection will add a modern and distressed feel to your room. Each layer falls into the next to create multiple shades of the mocha brown color scheme.
MSRP $436.00

Beana 5' x 7' Rug

Casual, light, and neutral, the Beana is the perfect addition to any room. The light and elegant pattern adds detail without overbearing the rest of the room. Features an intricate trellis pattern with flowers and leaves. The polyester material is very soft to touch.
MSRP $299.95

Caci Shag Rug

High pile shag rug will bring the retro back to your home. It's so thick and soft, you will never want to wear house shoes in your living room again. Because of the thick texture, the solid color will make a statement in your home.
MSRP $249.95

Cainan Rug

Add some warm color to your favorite living space with this Cainan rug. Features shades of tan, gray, and orange in an abstract design. Not only is the rug visually appealing, but very comfortable under your feet as well.
MSRP $349.95

Calisa Chambrey 5' x 8' Rug

The Calisa collection is perfect for simplicity. This way, you can use it in different rooms with different types of decor. The color combination gives depth and dimension without overpowering the room. This rug is perfect for minimal routine care and maintenance. Constructed of loop wool, it is great for durability as well.
MSRP $642.00

Jacinth 5 x 7 Rug

A plush pile of decorative waves will make this Jacinth rug the perfect companion to any living room or bedroom decor. Made from polypropylene fiber with a jute backing. Natural colors of beige, brown and gray will go with many other colors in your decor.
MSRP $299.95

Jag 8' x 10' Rug

The Jag rug is the perfect focal point of any room. The splatter-like pattern is kept subtle with black colors featured throughout the solid beige background. Polypropylene construction makes this rug soft under your feet as well.
MSRP $599.95

Jirair 5' x 7' Rug

Add some earthy tones to your favorite room with the Jirair rug. The rust, blue, and tan colors are featured in medallion-like shapes. Fourteen millimeter pile also makes this rug very comfortable under your feet.
MSRP $499.95

Jiro 5' x 7' Rug

The Jiro rug is the perfect combination of browns and creams. Mixing together something old and something new, the antique washed effect is the perfect addition to any decor--whether it be traditional or contemporary. Machine woven texture makes for a soft feel.
MSRP $299.95

Jiro Rug

This rug features an antiqued wash effect with faded design. It will be the perfect addition to any home. The brown and cream shades are subtle enough to blend, but the modern filigree design adds a touch of character. Not only is this rug pleasing to the eye, it is also very soft and inviting under your feet.
MSRP $299.95

Jonay 5x7 Rug

This rug is sure to make a big statement in your home. The blue gray color is fairly subtle, but the texture is rather striking. The low pile design is easy to clean and comfortable under your feet. Bring your room together with this clean color and exciting texture.
MSRP $399.95

Jurneaux Rug

The ultimate shag rug! This beautifully woven piece of decor is bold enough to make a statement but neutral enough to blend into any style. The comfortably soft texture will make you want to change your path of direction just to walk over it.
MSRP $299.95

Jyoti 8' x 12' Rug

Amplify your room with this marble patterned area rug. The mixture of neutral tan, gray, and blue makes your room feel relaxed and calming. The polypropylene pile allows this rug to be placed many places as it very durable. Add some color and texture to your favorite living area.
MSRP $749.95

Karalee 5' x 7' Rug

Keep your room in style with the boho Karalee rug. The ivory and brown design has different textures throughout to add a lot of depth. Easily dress it up or dress it down by adding some color to the space. Handwoven wool fibers make this rug just as soft and comfortable as it is trendy.
MSRP $459.95

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