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Platinum Protection Plans

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We totally get it - life is unpredictable! That's why our furniture warranty program is all about protecting your furniture from those unexpected "oops" moments. Whether spilled soup or a child's crafts gone wrong, our warranty has your back.

Our plans cover 5 full years for furniture and up to 10 years on mattresses. Covering accidental damage, stains, or oops that occur from a single incident.

Plus, if you don’t use don’t lose it! Get a store credit for the purchase amount of the plan if you don’t use it. See details below.

Messy spill of soup on a sofa

Just had an incident?

You must file a claim on a mattress within 5 days of noticing damage and furniture within 30 days of noticing damage.

File a Claim

Or Call 800-732-5856

Never attempt to clean the damage before calling the service team.

They can be reached at 800-732-5856
Monday - Friday 8 AM - 9 PM
Saturday 8 AM - 5 PM
Sunday Closed

Platinum Protection Has You Covered Against Damage*

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Including fabric, microfiber, leather, vinyl

Accidental Damage:

  • Rips, tears, or punctures (unintentional damage from items such as knives, keys, and scissors)
  • Burn or single marks caused by brief contact with flame or heat

Most Stains:

  • Food & beverage stains (mustard, wine, baby food)
  • Cosmetics (makeup, nail polish, lipstick, lotions)
  • Human & pet body fluids
  • Ink, markers, & crayons
  • Grass & mud
  • Newspaper & fabric dye transfer

Other Damage:

  • Breakage of frames, springs, and structural components
  • Cracking & peeling Top Grain leather
  • Failure of integral electrical components
  • Broken mechanisms

Wood and Other Hard Surfaces

  • Most stains and dye transfer
  • Burn or single marks caused by brief contact with flame or heat
  • Scratches, dents, chips, or gouges that penetrate the finish exposing the underlayer
  • Checking, cracking, bubbling, or peeling of finish
  • Lifting of veneers
  • Warping
  • Mirror chipping, breakage, or loss of silvering
  • Breakage of frames, springs, and structural components (excluding chair rungs and chair joint)


Protector must be on the mattress at the time of incident

Most Stains:

  • Human & pet body fluids
  • Food stains (grease, oil, gum, baby food)
  • Beverage stains (coffee, tea, wine, colas)
  • Cosmetic stains
  • Household stains (dirt, mud, ink, markers, medicines)

Adjustable Bases

Covered Components:

  • Remote control
  • Mechanisms
  • Electric motor

Accidental Damage:

  • Accidental damage from single incident excluding mattress, mattress foundation, and furniture
messy table with kids painting crafts

Items not covered by the plans:

Certain Stains & General Wear

  • General soiling and wear and tear (defined as a gradual buildup or accumulation of dirt, stains, dust, body oils, perspiration, and damage that cannot be attributed to a single incident)
  • Stains or damage from acid, bleach, nail polish remover, mildew, mold
  • Fading, color loss, and/or discoloration of fabrics, leathers, and surfaces that become worn or soiled from everyday use
  • Stains or damage caused by transit, delivery, redelivery, and movement between residences is not covered
  • “X” coded and/or non‐color fast fabrics

Damage From Misuse or the Manufacturing

  • Pet damage from teeth, beaks, paws, and claws
  • Loss of resiliency in cushions not covered
  • Failure or loosening of threads or splitting of seams not covered
  • Damage from misuse
  • Chair joint and chair rung breakage or loosing
  • Hard surface, leather, fabric scratch, dent, chip, gouge, or scuff that does not penetrate through the finish
  • Odors are not covered

Plans do NOT supersede or replace the manufacturer’s warranty for Item(s) covered under the Plan(s). See your plan details mailed to you at the time of purchase for a complete list of coverages and exclusions.

Platinum Protection Pricing

Furniture Plans:

Total of Furniture Items:Price for Plan:
$750 or LESS $89.99
$751 - $1250 $129.99
$1251 - $1500 $179.99
$1501 - $2000 $199.99
$2001 - $3500 $229.99
$3501 - $5000 $299.99
$5001 - $7500 $349.99
$7501 - $10,000 $399.99
$10,001 - $15,000 $499.99

Mattress Plans

(must be purchased with mattress protector)

5-Year Plan $25.00
10-Year Plan $35.00

Adjustable Base Plans

(covers one base only, any size)

5-Year Plan $199.99
10-Year Plan $219.99

Don’t Use It...Don’t Lose It!

As an added value to our customers, Grand Home Furnishings goes one step further!

If the purchaser makes no request for service within the protection plan period, Grand Home Furnishings will issue a store credit equal to the amount paid for the plan. This credit will be applied to any new furniture purchase at Grand Home Furnishings. This offer is good for 1 YEAR after the protection plan period ends.

How to claim:

  1. After the protection plan period expires, contact your Grand store and submit a copy of the sales order. (We can print this for you.)
  2. Grand Home Furnishings will verify that no service request was made on the plan.
  3. Grand Home Furnishings can only issue credit at the time of your new furniture purchase.1

1 Store credit will apply to future purchase with a minimum purchase of $199.95. Some items excluded. Offer not valid at Grand Outlet stores, clearance centers or online purchases.

* Coverage subject to terms and conditions of your applicable plan. Information provided here is just a guide. See the plan mailed to you at purchase for the complete Limited Warranty Terms & Conditions. Important exclusions apply.

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