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Trending: Verve

Trending: Verve
Verve is spirit and enthusiasm animating artistic composition and just what your home needs for a new-year refresh! Interior design continues to trend in neutrals with accents of vibrant colors, radiant hues, and a splash of eclectic energy. Open your creative side and explore new patterns and colors with verve. Grand Home Furnishings is your guide to achieving this look on any budget!

Discovering your design sense is all about trying new things. Experiment with textures and styles to find what speaks to your personality. Verve is a somewhat eclectic mix of colors, styles, and eras and can be a great way to step outside of your comfort zone. Simple additions like adding a monochromatic pillow or a shag rug can help you ease into this new style. This teal accent table adds a contemporary element to your space and a burst of color in a big way. Paired with neutral furniture, it will stand out and add a design layer to the room.

teal accent table

Velvet furniture has made a huge comeback and has no plans on slowing. It’s also a befitting option in achieving the verve style. Velvet commands full attention and is typically seen in rich, vibrant colors and dark jewel tones. Quite possibly the epitome of a statement piece. And while bold is still in, 2022 trends explore lighter, fresher colors like pink, cream, and teal. This again leaves you open to exploring more daring accent pieces for dimension. This two-tone brass wood accent table offsets the plush luxury of velvet with industrial elements and natural materials. The guitar-pick shape is also a fun feature. 

wood accent table

Mixing styles from different decades can be an exciting way to explore verve. A retro vibe feels vintage-chic and gives you a little more creative liberty when picking a bold piece. This groovy navy swivel chair is oversized with a thick seat cushion for comfort. Featuring a geometrical design pillow and a white furry pillow, you get texture, bold color, and style all in one.

navy swivel chair

Let this be the year that you explore something new. And make it your own with Grand Home Furnishings!

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