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Get Ready for Guests with a Guest Rooms Refresh

Get Ready for Guests with a Guest Rooms Refresh

Summer celebrations and other fun activities are on the horizon! Kick-off your summer season with fly fishing at the South Holston River in Northeast Tennessee, exploration at West Virginia’s newly recognized New River Gorge national park, or finding crafts, regional produce and local music at a Virginia summer festivals.

If you love playing host, guests are sure to be flocking to and from your home in the coming weeks. Whether you’re shopping from Virginia, Tennessee, West Virginia, Europe, or even the moon, spring is always the perfect time for a guest room glow-up.

The Importance of a Beautiful Guest Room

Guest rooms are often seen as the Cinderella of your house — an out-of-place space you hardly visit unworthy of the same investment poured into a primary bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc. They can be more like back-burner projects than anything because of the lack of time spent in there but remember: the time people do spend in your guest room is valuable.

Guest rooms are what out-of-town visitors call home during their stay. They leave an impression, provide a sense of comfort, and leave them with lasting thoughts about their experience in your home — for better, or for worse.

And while guest rooms serve a vital role in giving your guests a great experience, that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun. Guest rooms give you the chance to let your creativity shine; you can design the space to match the flow of the house or try something completely new. You can outfit it with sleeping space for two, four, or more by way of a large king mattress, a comfortable queen, two twins, or even bunk beds. The options are limitless.

However you decide to design your space, you can have your guest feeling right at home with a few tips from Grand Home.

Updating Your Guest Room

At Grand Home Furnishings, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of guest-room options at affordable prices, allowing you to transform one (or more) rooms into a visitor’s oasis for a fraction of the cost.

First, you’ll need to invest in a comfortable mattress. After that, though, where do you start?

  • Bedroom sets: Mixing and matching is always fun, but sometimes, a little flow can go a long way. By shopping for a full bedroom set, you ensure the core pieces of your room remain aesthetically pleasing and of the same make without compromising in other areas.

If you’re low on space or need to accommodate more than one guest, consider adding a set of twin beds instead of a full or queen.

By keeping the room’s focal points grounded, you give yourself the freedom to get a little wild in other areas, such as accessories, wall lighting, paint color, rugs and curtains, or…

  • Benches and chests: Great for storage, great for décor. Benches and chests come in a range of sizes and shapes that not only let you limit clutter, but also pull the room together with either an accent color, a weathered look, or with fresh, new vibes.

Sometimes, your guest room is perfectly fine as-is, it’s just missing… something. Perhaps it’s a bench, chest, drawer, or something similar. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars every season to make a space feel new, and these pieces go great against an accent wall, at the foot of the bed, or as nightstand substitutes. Plus, they make for extra seating in a pinch. Talk about a win-win!

  • Lamps: Nothing screams elegance and style like a modern lamp. Or, maybe the cleaner looks of modern furniture aren’t your thing, and you prefer the more intricate stylings of years’ past. Either way, your guest room lighting decisions will pique every visitor’s interest, guaranteed. Small, large, tabletop, standing, straight, curved, rustic, stone, shaded, marble — there are thousands of options to choose from when selecting one or more lamps for your guest room. The only question is which one you’ll go with…
  • Chairs: Wait, chairs? Isn’t this a bedroom?

Depending on the size of your guest room, a good chair can make all the difference. Whether for reading, socializing, or lounging for television, a good chair gives guests the luxury of turning in early when tired and still finding comfort when trying to unwind before sleep. Grand Home Furnishings offers a range of gorgeous furniture fit for your visitors, from leather tilt backs to chaises and recliners. No matter the placement, we’ve got something for you, and that something could just be the thing to make your room finally *tick*.

And if you need a little extra sleeping space, no one ever scoffed at a high-end futon!

  • Office space: Everyone dreams of a home office, but some people don’t have the luxury of an extra room to devote to one. What if you transformed your guest room into a little two-for-one, then?

Keep the bed and all the other guest room fixings. But, on top of that, throw in a desk, bookshelf, and even a filing cabinet to give the room additional purpose. A bedroom designed by you will encourage you to use it more often, giving you cause to spend time in this updated corner of your world when guests aren’t in town. Two, your guests may even appreciate your book selection — or a place where they, too, can journal, write, or catch up on emails in silence.

Don’t forget the subtle details that can also enhance your guests stay; fresh flowers on the bedside table are a nice welcome, a cozy extra blanket for lounging, or a sweet treat on the dresser. Small gestures can leave a big impression.

No matter your reasons, spring is the perfect time to focus on home design and give your guest room the face lift it needs. Grand Home Furnishings has the bedroom decorating ideas and furniture, mattresses, sofas, décor, and more to give your guests yet another reason to come visit this summer.

Just don’t make things too cozy, or they might never leave!

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